Personal Injury Lawyers Laredo

Personal Injury Lawyers Laredo


August 17, 2021

Q: What Do We Charge to Represent Clients in Personal Injury Claims and Cases?

We never charge any fees to represent your legal action unless we win.
We’re in the business of helping people. And though it is a business, we truly believe that good business is offering access to the justice system for those who are the victims of personal injury accidents as the result of negligence; regardless of the victims’ financial standing. Your right to fair and just compensation for an injury or wrongful death resulting from any legal personal injury should be just as available to you as the people who can afford to pay-as-they-go. All who live in America – not just those who can afford it – have the right to fair compensation and if necessary, their day in court.personal injury lawyers laredo

This is why our lead attorney and all of the experienced professionals with our Law Firms work for you on a contingency fee basis; which breaks down like this:

You – the client – execute a contract with our law firm. It gives us the legal authority to represent your injury claim or case – but with no obligation to pay for any legal fees during the time that we represent you – until the case results in either judgment in court or a settlement that you approve. More information about personal injury cases here @ website
Our law firm assumes all financial risk in the case. We pay all litigation costs and all other expenses: like fees and full payment to third-party experts to strengthen your case. We also pay all costs to investigate your case and to any experts who are retained to work on your behalf.
You will never pay our law firm any money up-front as the case unfolds to represent you in a big rig accident claim or civil case. And we will never bill you any hourly fees.
The firm charges our clients only if we are successful at obtaining fair compensation for our clients. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.
Another example of our pledge; sometimes juries give large awards to injury victims, but the defendant who caused the injury does not have the money to pay that judgment. If this happens, our clients pay us nothing. We only get paid if we put money in our clients’ pockets. You – that client – agree to an industry-standard percentage of the total recovered amount as full payment to our attorneys who represent you. And it’s agreed to before we begin work on your case or claim. That’s it.

The odds of defendants not having the money to pay are rather slim as most defendants are well-insured. We conduct further investigations to understand a defendant’s ability to pay you out of their own pocket if circumstances dictate. But having an insured defendant means there could be a lot of people at insurance companies, and many lawyers standing in your way, which is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.accident attorneys

When a client retains us to represent their interests, we do just that to the best of our ability and skill. We know that our efforts, coupled with the justness of your civil cause, make the difference in whether you win or lose. We accept this risk when we agree to represent you. We invest our time, expertise, and expense on your behalf. And in lieu of our expense and time, you agree to share a pre-agreed percentage of what you eventually win with us.

Again, the client pays us nothing if we don’t win the case; or if we win the case but the defendants do not have the money the court orders them to pay our client. Can it be any simpler than that? It’s our money and our risk.

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